Sonic Islands, Rügen – Day One, 7th September 2023 – We started the day by walking along the south eastern shore of the Großer Jasmunder Bodden right beside the village Lietzow. The place is an unmarked archeological site of a late mesolithic settlement – “Lietzow Kultur”. The ground was full of flint stones, washed up or released from layers of soil, sand, earth and humus that made up the banks to our right.

Stones were marked with signs that they had once been pressed, rubbed, and sculpted into tools. But where were the hammers that had shaped them?

By throwing the stones against a rock they easily broke into shards. It became evident that a hammer was not essential.

Furthermore, the particular sound the stone made upon breaking indicated if it would fashion into a good tool. Listening for knowledge. The sound of the tool, the knife, was more “glass-like”. With that sound the site transformed from stones to knives.

“Feuersteinfelder” Flintstone Fields

Kerstin Ergenzinger & Jasmine Guffond