Reality progressively begins to transfer its own identity (what it says about itself) and its corporeality (scopic) to a synthetic panoptic device.

An orbital paranoid eye that sees everything, and from its vision gives governance, ordering of the world and synchronized reorientation of the micro-politics in each subject and each survivor tends to a unique geometry of government, exploitation and reformatting (an ocular geometry).

In order to convert everything into a surface of inscription and registration at all scales, from the genetic and psychic architecture of the living, to the zoning of macro-regions. Everything will be metadata.

A paranoid orbital eye means here, that there is a totalizing superstructure whose univocal function is attributed to be the guide of the course, the form and the time by which all living forces must be conducted at all scales.

The southern tip of America and even Antarctica has been zoned by satellites, orbital eyes that guide the routes and mark the nodes of a fabric as a prelude to future conflicts, which we can forsee.

(joint work by Kerstin Ergenzinger, Florencia Curci, Christian Espinoza)