Note I
With these map sketches we try to review a Pan-American route that origins ca. 26,000 years ago in Beringia and will end in approximately 100 years in Antarctica.
At this moment we can locate a modern outpost, not more than 110 years old in Antarctica, as well as a development infrastructure configuration on the other side of the Drake Passage in Tierra del Fuego.

Four types of records of this road will be seen here: 
01) A first route of the glacial period in which we will superimpose some hypothetical routes coming from archaeology. 
02) A second route combined by the European invasions of the Spanish, English and Portuguese empire between the XVI and XVIII centuries.
03) A third route, a path of contemporary forced migrations exploded from Central America. 
04) A fourth route observed, also contemporary, as traces of neo-colonization, which in our hypothesis is given by a proxy governance of global nature.

As a whole, all the routes constitute a single human route pushed by different forces and moments that in synthesis constitute the human propagation from a point of origin in Africa to the center of Antarctica.
As already mentioned, the current hub of this long journey is in Tierra del Fuego.

Panamerican corridor 26100 years
Backbone of the mountain ranges
Propagation from last glaciation to Antarctic colonization

Note II
Do the paths travelled in the last 200,000 years since the Palaeolithic and those that will be travelled in the next 100 years to reach the last corner of the surface form part of a single movement – from the centre of Africa to the centre of Antarctica?

Along the way, the species makes important decisions: the drawing of segregation borders, flight driven by violence, navigation of oceans and the conquest of the earth’s orbit with panoptic satellites…

At the present point of this human plan, Tierra del Fuego is the hot zone towards the next move.

Recently the mayor of Punta Arenas – Claudio Radonich – gave an interview. The interviewer – Tomás Mocciatti – asked him about the benefits of Antarctica (probably thinking of a list of commodities). The mayor gave an answer bordering on the obvious, he said approximately this: “Antarctica is a whole continent, completely untouched, in a refrigerator”.