In 2022, Fernanda Olivares and Nicolás Spencer were invited to participate in a residency at Weltmuseum to be part of the exhibition “Extinction!?” as part of the TAKING CARE project. The idea of this residency was to work with the objects belonging to the collections obtained by Martin Gusinde and Carl Hagenbeck and explore new museographic forms based on perception, feelings, the discussion around extinction, and the recognition of the Selk’nam community in Chile as a living community. >> see background

For this, we set out to investigate the objects of the Selk’nam collection, aiming to display the results for a year in the exhibition halls of this former anthropological museum. To achieve this, we approached these objects slowly and carefully, understanding that they have their own position and agency independent of the observer, a place as a consequence of a long history, with multiple meanings and ways of being interpreted. We began by understanding their ecosystem, from the periphery of the city to the elemental particles that constitute these artifacts. >> see documentation