54°19’50.34” N 13°28’2.5824” E Wreechen Strand Last actions – The end its just …

On the last day of the research trip, three actions were developed for the Wreechen Strand beach. This location has been crucial in the research as an ideal place for wind-related projects, adopted as a hub to carry out different site-specific collaborative actions.

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Cultural marks & treeprints

Bahía Blanca

As Robert Carracedo points in his archeological report of TIF 23, evidence of culturally modified trees has been found in the Bahía Blanca area by the Terra Ignota team. This bay, and specifically the forest near the Bahía Blanca 2, 3 and 4 shell middens, presents an optimal location for bark extraction. The main problem at this location is that the forest has been exploited for decades for timber extraction. Therefore, without dendrochronological dating we cannot be certain of their age and, consequently, we cannot relate them to the indigenous occupation of the site.

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Kites: Soaring Through myths, history, science, and art research

In the vast tapestry of human history, certain inventions and innovations stand out as marvels of ingenuity, merging science, art, and culture into a single canvas of human achievement. The humble kite, with its roots reaching back thousands of years, is one such marvel. Often associated with carefree leisure on sunny days, kites have also been instrumental in science, war, climate research, and artistic expression. This essay embarks on a journey through time and disciplines, exploring the multifaceted role of kites in shaping our world.

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Holobionte – Harnesing the wispers of wind: windmills, windengines and energy harvesting tools

The utilization of wind energy represents an ancient relationship between humanity and the natural world. Windmills, wind engines and wind generators embody this enduring connection and stand as both scientific marvels and artistic expressions. We will delve into the historical chronology of these remarkable devices to celebrate their scientific and artistic significance.

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A Mysterious Hum – comparable snippets

Here you can listen to 30 secs edits of field recordings from different locations on the island of Rügen. Starting on the mainland at Lubmin industrial port with an ‘as close as we could get’ perspective of the FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Unit) currently stationed there. These recordings have captured the ubiquitous low drone that eminates from the regasification vessel Neptune (also known as FSRU) to various locales, up to 61,5km away, on Rügen. (a list of the order of recordings is below)

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radio earth

radio.earth is a participatory art radio project concerning the ecological crisis. Among other practices, it encourages critical listening to live soundscapes from 1st to 3rd natures.
mobilemics are tools for establishing listening situations from selected locations, in which ecological and environmental aspects may unfold as immediate acoustic atmospheres.
In this context, 1st to 3rd natures refer to sites of various degrees of land usage and devastation, from wild nature to urban, agricultural and industrial zones. 3rd natures are rather cultural configurations, open and speculative and interwoven with ideas, notions and problems of the Anthropocene.
Listening to a location made available by one of the mobilemics ideally invokes exchange and discussion about these topics, among the listeners.”

For the sonic islands project we took one of the Radio Earth mobilemics with us and placed it along the trajectory of our activities on the island. On this page we’ll document the locations, provide a bit of context and share some thoughts and discussions with the radio earth community.

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Long term reflection and refraction on matter at 250kms An Ode to the hum

Sonic Islands, Rügen – Day II, 8th September 2023

The Only Way of Discovering the Limits of the Possible Is To Venture a Little Way Past Them Into the Impossible. Arthur C. Clarke

A world far removed from (y)our own—a world where the bustling cities, the laughter of children, and the hum of technology have all vanished. In this bleak backdrop, the island of Rügen in North Germany emerges as an unlikely stage for the grand finale of our species. Imagine, if you will, a scenario with twelve other souls. These twelve are not the architects of our past, nor the saviors of our future; rather, they are re/searchers, the unlikely custodians of our legacy, and they find themselves in solitary isolation within the walls of the Field Station Juliusruh.

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Contemplating a Mesolithic Soundscape

Sonic Islands, Rügen – Day One, 7th September 2023

Kerstin Ergenzinger & Jasmine Guffond

We started the day by walking along the south eastern shore of the Großer Jasmunder Bodden right beside the village Lietzow. The place is an unmarked archeological site of a late mesolithic settlement – “Lietzow Kultur”. The ground was full of flint stones, washed up or released from layers of soil, sand, earth and humus that made up the banks to our right.

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During the month of May, through a series of simultaneous radio meetings in the studios of Radio CASo and Radio UACh, some results of the most recent journey of the project will be presented, which included three days of forums with artists, geologists, philosophers, archaeologists, local entrepreneurs, women of the selk’nam and yagán people, with the purpose of analyzing in an interdisciplinary way the potential of a future museum park located in Tierra del Fuego.

The broadcasts are organized in thematic axes from which a diversity of guests on both sides of the mountain range will seek to explore forms of passage on the line that crosses the island of Tierra del Fuego from north to south, the political border between Chile and Argentina.

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