54°19’50.34” N 13°28’2.5824” E Wreechen Strand Last actions – The end its just …

By Florencia Curci, Victor Mazón Gardoqui & Nicolás Spencer.

On the last day of the research trip, three actions were developed for the Wreechen Strand beach. This location has been crucial in the research as an ideal place for wind-related projects, adopted as a hub to carry out different site-specific collaborative actions.

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Kites: Soaring Through myths, history, science, and art research

In the vast tapestry of human history, certain inventions and innovations stand out as marvels of ingenuity, merging science, art, and culture into a single canvas of human achievement. The humble kite, with its roots reaching back thousands of years, is one such marvel. Often associated with carefree leisure on sunny days, kites have also been instrumental in science, war, climate research, and artistic expression. This essay embarks on a journey through time and disciplines, exploring the multifaceted role of kites in shaping our world.

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Holobionte – Harnesing the wispers of wind: windmills, windengines and energy harvesting tools

By Florencia Curci, Victor Mazón Gardoqui & Nicolás Spencer

The utilization of wind energy represents an ancient relationship between humanity and the natural world. Windmills, wind engines and wind generators embody this enduring connection and stand as both scientific marvels and artistic expressions. We will delve into the historical chronology of these remarkable devices to celebrate their scientific and artistic significance.

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Long term reflection and refraction on matter at 250kms An Ode to the hum

Sonic Islands, Rügen – Day II, 8th September 2023

The Only Way of Discovering the Limits of the Possible Is To Venture a Little Way Past Them Into the Impossible. Arthur C. Clarke

A world far removed from (y)our own—a world where the bustling cities, the laughter of children, and the hum of technology have all vanished. In this bleak backdrop, the island of Rügen in North Germany emerges as an unlikely stage for the grand finale of our species. Imagine, if you will, a scenario with twelve other souls. These twelve are not the architects of our past, nor the saviors of our future; rather, they are re/searchers, the unlikely custodians of our legacy, and they find themselves in solitary isolation within the walls of the Field Station Juliusruh.

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Acoustic Signatures – Oscillatory spheres

We live in a world that can no longer be read as a two-dimensional map, but must be understood as a series of vertical layers that go from the satellites that surround our planet to the tunnels that are in the deepest part of the earth.

Graham, S. (2016)

Towards a meta-natural realism

Inhabiting a world in constant oscillation, surrounded by natural phenomena, tectonic changes, drastic fluctuations in pressure, temperature, humidity, periodic alterations by gravitational attraction forces, but also, inhabiting a world constantly mutated by the impact of human activity, extraction of raw materials, seascapes soaked in burning oil, floating plastic islands and an exponential increase of portable wireless interconnected devices. Wandering through our (in)ability to understand the world we inhabit and of which we are part, being the reality that surrounds us increasingly complex, while consuming feeds of reality through digital environments which overflows us with information and counter information in a post-truth era.

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