is an artist who’s work exhibits the failure of unstable arrangements; raw electronic signals produced and altered by electric obstructions are mixed with scattered acoustic activity resulting from chemical reactions, voltage fluctuations and abrupt signal-routing variations. He has been guest artist at Tama Art
University, Universität der künste Berlin, kyushu University, Rijksakademie,
Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Technische Universität Berlin, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, Braunschweig University of Art, kW Institute of Contemporary Art, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Universität für angewandte kunst Wien and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center,
among others.
His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Canada, United States, Chile, South Africa, India, South korea, China, Russia, Japan and across Europe. He lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City.