She is Franco-Italian. Born in Gran Canaria, Spain, she spent her childhood in the ocean. At 18, she moved to France, to study marine biology at the Université de La Rochelle, she then was accepted in an exchange semester to Quebec, Canada where she finished her bachelors. After graduating in 2022, she started a post-grad course in Marine biological Resources (IMBRsea), a joint masters which allowed her to study in many different countries including Portugal, Belgium and Ireland. During her studies she has worked on different project focussing on birds in Canada and Lapland, and grown an interest in Marine mammals. 
Currently, she is specializing in megafauna conservation, with a focus on the ecology and behaviour of whales and dolphins. She worked with bottlenose dolphins in Montenegro, and moved to Punta arenas in 2024 to start a study on the social structure of Peale’s dolphins.