The installation created for the woodshed was conceived as a hyper-organism, an ecosystem that welcomed various cultural and social agents from the city of Valdivia. It is a transparent and transformable being according to the needs of its inhabitants, subsidized by water, electricity, and spaces designed with the purpose of creating a platform for the discussion of ideas and the construction of creative spaces. A dystopian and self-generative entity to imagine a potential cultural exchange zone in an uncertain time between the past and the future.

Sharing with the various actors of Terra Ignota has given me the opportunity to align an aesthetic to achieve the diverse functionalities of the objects to be built. Some of these objects arise from the ideas of others and from the feedback that occurs when experiencing the space with other people. The scaffolding provides a structure where water had space to react to gravity, the cables unified the entire structure, connecting the different created spaces, supplying them with electricity, and providing support for the assembly of the various envisioned experiences. Thus, the exchange of ideas behaved like a communication between the different modules that shaped this spontaneous mini building.

Tomás Elgueta