Mario Campos Castellano (ES)

born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain in 1982. Majored in traditional and computer animation at Media Art Institut and ECIB, Barcelona, between 2000 and 2003, and digital video postproduction at CEV Madrid in 2010.
Based in Berlin since 2011, his work lives permanently transitioning from the physical to the digital realm, working in the fields of animation, virtual reality, painting, sculpture and experimental filmmaking. His work is heavily influenced by science fiction and posthumanism, exploring the tensions between the technological and the human in an absurdist way.

Federico Stäger (CL)

mining engineer, writer and founder of Corporación Laguna de los Cisnes – a non-profit organization preserving, studying and promoting the conditions of the Laguna de los Cisnes ecosystem, fauna, flora and in particular the microbialite formations (stromatolites, thrombolites, etc.) that inhabit and surround it.

Elcira Hernández Walton (CL)

My name is Elcira Hernández Walton, I am a Yaghan artisan.
I was born in 1958 in Kanakus, Hoste Island, in the middle of the southernmost archipelago, next to Cape Horn. I lived there with my family until I was 20 years old, rowing and sailing through these channels. Then I moved to Puerto Williams, to work and start my own family. Here I have been able to continue making handicrafts, especially basketry, which I sell to interested people and tourists, at the same time as developing other activities.

Miguel Cáceres (CL)

Graduate in Visual Arts from the University of Chile and Master in Visual Arts from the same institution.
As Director of the Río Seco Museum of Natural History, he has carried out research on the enhancement of collections and material and immaterial elements representative of the cultural and natural heritage of the Magallanes region.

Francisca Gabler (CL)

Journalist. Graduate in Aesthetics, Feminism and Criticism (2023, PUC), and in Branding, creation of brand value (2019, PUC). She has worked in various media, writing interviews and chronicles in the culture section of La Tercera and Paula magazine, among others; she has also worked in cultural management and coordination of artistic projects as communications manager in various institutions, including the Chilean Corporation of Video and Electronic Arts (CChV), the Biennial of Media Arts of Santiago, the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum (MSSA), the Centre for Creation and Artistic Residency NAVE and the Contemporary Art Fair of Chile (Ch.ACO). She is the creator and director of the project

Leyla Cárdenas (CL)

Leyla Cárdenas is a Chilean scientist, researcher and academic who became the first Dean of the Faculty of Science at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACH).

Her passion for the ocean and nature was born during her childhood, when curiosity and the search for answers motivated her to explore, travel and log the daily discoveries she made outdoors. She later studied Marine Biology at the same faculty she leads today and obtained a PhD in Biological Sciences with a major in Ecology at the Catholic University.

His work has focused on marine fauna and studies in the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica.

Sara Demartini (FR/IT)

She is Franco-Italian. Born in Gran Canaria, Spain, she spent her childhood in the ocean. At 18, she moved to France, to study marine biology at the Université de La Rochelle, she then was accepted in an exchange semester to Quebec, Canada where she finished her bachelors. After graduating in 2022, she started a post-grad course in Marine biological Resources (IMBRsea), a joint masters which allowed her to study in many different countries including Portugal, Belgium and Ireland. During her studies she has worked on different project focussing on birds in Canada and Lapland, and grown an interest in Marine mammals. 
Currently, she is specializing in megafauna conservation, with a focus on the ecology and behaviour of whales and dolphins. She worked with bottlenose dolphins in Montenegro, and moved to Punta arenas in 2024 to start a study on the social structure of Peale’s dolphins. 

Maan D’hamers (BE)

He is a Belgian student. During his life, he has worked with a variety of topics, from trees to bumblebees. After graduating  in biology from Ghent University (Belgium) in 2022, he started a post-grad course in Marine biological Resources a joint masters which allowed him to study in many different countries including Italy and Ireland.

His main interest is the high intelligence of whales and dolphins, and how they are able to express their emotions. This lead him to choose a specialization in megafauna conservation, with a focus on cetacean behaviour of whales and dolphins.

Over the past years, he has worked with different species of cetaceans such as bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales. In January 2024, he moved to Punta Arenas, to start a study on the behavior and spatial ecology of Peale’s dolphins. 

Daniela Gimenez (AR)

For 20 years she has worked as a producer in film, advertising, festivals and cultural events.
She is part of the independent production company SARNA, with which she has produced 5 fiction feature films, a documentary and is currently developing another one. She is also a photographer and editor, and since 2018 she has been training in mountain activities.