Workshop of Weird Radios 

Building on the initiative proposed by Barrios Bajos Gallery during the open installation days, we organized a radio workshop where we shared technical tools and participation strategies, focusing on the practice and culture of radio. Leading up to the arrival of Terra Ignota in Valdivia, Barrios Bajos Gallery, in collaboration with the Regional Secretariat of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage of the Ríos region, carried out the project ‘Los Ríos: Visual Territory IV.’ This project included an artistic residency aimed at platforms and spaces for programming and coordination of visual arts in the region, whether public, private, or self-managed.

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The woodshed installation

The installation created for the woodshed was conceived as a hyper-organism, an ecosystem that welcomed various cultural and social agents from the city of Valdivia. It is a transparent and transformable being according to the needs of its inhabitants, subsidized by water, electricity, and spaces designed with the purpose of creating a platform for the discussion of ideas and the construction of creative spaces. A dystopian and self-generative entity to imagine a potential cultural exchange zone in an uncertain time between the past and the future.

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