Unsewing Patterns #5
Sewing and Textile Activism Workshop with Viviana Méndez / Curtis Putralk

An open sewing workshop that invited Valdivian women activist collectives (Club de Estampa and Tejido Conectivo Líquido) to discuss our practices and knowledge. Together, we created a pocket pattern to make emergency pants.

“Terra Ignota was an extraordinary exercise for me in reorganizing within a local community through the occupation of a space. In times of profound changes that constantly threaten closure, this exercise seemed to me a way to envision a possible future.”

Viviana Méndez / Curtis Putralk

Collective creation of t-shirts for the Botanical Garden Friends Club, with Pablo Schalscha

Resonating with the proposal of the Botanical Garden Friends Club at the Universidad Austral de Chile, artist and club member Pablo Schalscha facilitated a space for the collective creation of an identifying image for the club’s t-shirts through a graphic and conversational practice. The proposed method aimed to engage both materially and technically with the need to symbolize and express the desires for change and association inherent in this forming club.

“ The exchange of ideas unfolds over a creative and transformative period, recognizing that ideas are tied to things and phenomena. This experience of simultaneity between collective action and thought was also sustained through the occupation-stimulation provided by Terra Ignota – a house of cards, a fleeting factory, a conscious dwelling, a fraternal skeleton, a smoke signal, a club of clubs”

Pablo Schalscha

Botanical workshop by Jan Vormann