2019 – field trip #01

The first field trip in the frame of the actual Terra Ignota project was carried out from 2 until 18 March 2019. Starting from Punta Arenas, the group traveled as far south as possible by car to the end point of the road constructions in the Cardon Central.

The aim of this first trip was mainly to get a bit more familiar with Tierra del Fuego – place, history and context and to define potential interesting locations and research questions.

Main stations along the route were the former oil-worker settlements Cerro Sombrero and Campamento Puerto Percy established by ENAP (Empresa Nacional del Petróle) in the 50s. Porvenir, the biggest Chilean city in Tierra del Fuego, the national park and research center Karukinka, Estancia Caleta Maria at Seno Almirantazgo and Casa Museo Alberto Baeriswyl in Puerto Yartou.

Nicolas Spencer (CL/AT), Alfredo Prieto (CL), Lisa Lurati (CH), Carsten Stabenow (DE), Eric Mattson (CA)