Sonic Islands 2023

SONIC ISLANDS – Mirrored perceptions between Tierra del Fuego + Rügen
March and September 2023

SONIC ISLANDS focuses on the various auditory aspects of the TERRA IGNOTA project and is part of TIF 2023/24.
We are interested in the meaning of sound as a semantic system and as a form of artistic articulation. Questions about origin, identity, intercultural understanding but also about perception, legibility and interaction with the environment, social processes and structures beyond visually connoted reference systems are the subject of our joint research. Listening and making audible to stimulate changes of perspective in the process of artistic research and knowledge production as well as in communicating to an audience.

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radio earth is a participatory art radio project concerning the ecological crisis. Among other practices, it encourages critical listening to live soundscapes from 1st to 3rd natures.
mobilemics are tools for establishing listening situations from selected locations, in which ecological and environmental aspects may unfold as immediate acoustic atmospheres.
In this context, 1st to 3rd natures refer to sites of various degrees of land usage and devastation, from wild nature to urban, agricultural and industrial zones. 3rd natures are rather cultural configurations, open and speculative and interwoven with ideas, notions and problems of the Anthropocene.
Listening to a location made available by one of the mobilemics ideally invokes exchange and discussion about these topics, among the listeners.”

For the sonic islands project we took one of the Radio Earth mobilemics with us and placed it along the trajectory of our activities on the island. On this page we’ll document the locations, provide a bit of context and share some thoughts and discussions with the radio earth community.

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TIF23 video

This video will give a short introduction to the international field laboratory Terra Ignota Forum (TIF) in march 2023. It migth help to get an impression of the territory, the participants and the research questions and objectives. Further down on this page you can read the detailed individual and collective reports and project descriptions.


During the month of May, through a series of simultaneous radio meetings in the studios of Radio CASo and Radio UACh, some results of the most recent journey of the project will be presented, which included three days of forums with artists, geologists, philosophers, archaeologists, local entrepreneurs, women of the selk’nam and yagán people, with the purpose of analyzing in an interdisciplinary way the potential of a future museum park located in Tierra del Fuego.

The broadcasts are organized in thematic axes from which a diversity of guests on both sides of the mountain range will seek to explore forms of passage on the line that crosses the island of Tierra del Fuego from north to south, the political border between Chile and Argentina.

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2023 – activities

Beginning of 2023 we plan two main interrelated activities – an interdisciplinary expedition to Cordillera Darwin and the Terra Ignota Forum.

Terra Ignota Forum (TIF) is an international field laboratory that seeks to develop and implement a contemporary archive on the so-called “intercultural contact zone” (Selk’nam, Kawesqar and Yagán) located in Yendegaia National Park (YNP). The project is deployed in two stages, the first is the continuation of our interdisciplinary research in the territory (2023) and the second (2024) will be the mediation and discussion of the results and findings in the premises of the Universidad de Magallanes, where the TIF Archive will be located. The project is made possible by the Public Science Fund of the Chilean Ministry of Science.

For our project proposal SONIC ISLANDSa mirrored research project between Tierra del Fuego and the island of Rügen (Germany) in spring 2023 we received a grant from the International Coproduction Fund of Goethe Institut and from Musikfonds e.V.

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2022 – TERRA IGNOTA at Weltmuseum within the framework of the TAKING CARE project

Terra Ignota was invited to participate in residence at Weltmuseum within the framework of the TAKING CARE project, a research carried out between September 20 and November 10. October 2023 Planning to show their results in the “Extinction!?” exhibition that will take place in the Weltmuseum between February 2023 and January 2024. Fernanda Olivares, from the Selk’nam Covadonga Ona Community in Chile, and Nicolás Spencer, artist, participated in the program in collaboration with Claudia Augustat, curator of the South American collection at the Weltmuseum. The idea of this residency was to work with the objects belonging to the collection obtained by Martin Gusinde and think about new forms of museographic perception in connection to the discussion around extinction of the Selk’nam and their recognition now, as a living Community in Chile. This research will be continued with field work in Bahía Blanca, Cordillera de Darwin in February next year under participation of Weltmuseum.

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