During the month of May, through a series of simultaneous radio meetings in the studios of Radio CASo and Radio UACh, some results of the most recent journey of the project will be presented, which included three days of forums with artists, geologists, philosophers, archaeologists, local entrepreneurs, women of the selk’nam and yagán people, with the purpose of analyzing in an interdisciplinary way the potential of a future museum park located in Tierra del Fuego.

The broadcasts are organized in thematic axes from which a diversity of guests on both sides of the mountain range will seek to explore forms of passage on the line that crosses the island of Tierra del Fuego from north to south, the political border between Chile and Argentina.

May 16 (18:00CL/19:00ARG/23:59EU)
Zona de contacto intercultural
# Origen, relato, huellas culturales, técnicas de invasión reducida
Invitados UACh: Alfredo Prieto, Robert Carracedo, Claudia Gonzalez, Iván Flores, Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
Invitados CASo: Nicolás Spencer, Florencia Curci, Cristian Espinoza

May 23 (18:00CL/19:00ARG/23:59EU)
# frontera, borde, Zonas de contacto, Zona Intermareal, Cultura-Naturaleza, Nación-Pueblo, trashumancia, canoar
Invitados UACh: Iván Flores + Adrián Silva Pino + Nelson Aguilera + Claudia Gonzalez
Invitados CASo: Gustavo Bobrik – Presidente Comisión Nacional de Límites Internacionales (AR) + Claudia Fulco + Gerd Sielfeld
+ Florencia Curci, Cristian Espinoza, Nicolás Spencer

May 30 (18:00CL/19:00ARG/23:59EU)
DD N HH – Derechos no humanos y posición humana
# Acceso a las costas y el mar, transito, salmoneras, gobernanza, Espacios Costeros Marinos Pueblos Originarios (ECMPO)
UACh: Iván Flores + Paula Urdangarin + Claudia González + Amaya Alvez CASo: María Carman + Valeria Berros + Gerd Sielfeld + Claudia Fulco
+ Florencia Curci, Cristian Espinoza, Nicolás Spencer

All shows will be archived here >>>

Activity in collaboration with the Institute of Arts of the Austral University of Chile and Radio UACh.